Put an End to Waste & Mess with this DIY Upcycle Soap Saver

At Lil Helper, we care about creating waste free products for families. From cloth diapers to reusable bite bags, we are always trying to create the best product for you and the environment. But the truth is, often times the best thing for the planet is to use what you have, upcycle, and buy used.

So you’re going waste free and you’ve swapped out your plastic soap dispensers (after you used what you’ve got of course) for bar soap. Yay You!

Only to find that that bar soap can get messy. It leaves a puddle and soap residue on your sink or counter, and worse, the moisture makes your bar disappear quicker! What you need is an upcycled soap saver.

Thanks to Zero Waste Store for sharing this easy and ecofriendly solution! This DIY soap saver is waste free and so simple.

All you need is an old jar lid and two rubber bands. It could be a pickle jar lid or pasta sauce jar lid. Whatever you have and whatever size you wish! I used a cheese whiz lid and the rubber bands off my celery from my weekly shopping trip.

Wrap the rubber bands around the jar lid, and voila! Easy and waste free soap saver.

Keeping your bar soap elevated out of any moisture from when you use it allows it to dry faster and last longer, and protects your sink/vanity from any water or soap residue that bar soap can leave behind. The jar lid is just deep enough to catch it all.

Going waste free is all about using less and stretching what you have. You can take small steps today to help the environment tomorrow, and we think that is awesome!

What is your favorite waste free hack? Let us know in the comments below!

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