Moasis Swim Towel

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Are you ready to become “The Lord of the WRINGS”? Are your scratchy, sandy towels leaving you with resting BEACH face? Does warm, sunny weather make you want to SEAS the day? Then meet your new SOL mate… our fabulous Moasis Beach Towel. Amply sized, lightweight, super absorbent, and sporting a hidden pocket, these soFISHtocated towels will make days by the lake or the pool an (island) breeze.

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100% Microfiber Suede

LENGTH: 60 inches
WIDTH: 30 inches

  1. Wash cold with the recommended amount of detergent.
  2. Air dry when possible or tumble dry on low heat.

Size of towel

Size Matters

Especially when it comes to cups of coffee and towels. Anyone who has ever attempted to use a teeny hotel towel knows that when you are wet, coverage matters. You won’t need to worry with our beach towels. Sized at 30”x 60” they will never leave you wanting more.


The New Leading Cause of Dry Skin

This towel can hold 5x its weight in water and the JAWsome material dries 10x faster than traditional cotton. So no matter how drenched your kiddo manages to get (themselves or you) at the splash pad, these towels can handle it fast. Plus, they are buttery soft, quick dry, and sand resistant, so you can leave the beach where it belongs.


Packin’ Pockets

I mean, do I really need to say anything more? Pockets. Are. Life.

Okay, I’ll say a lil more..


Inspired by you: Cassie’s Pocket


The name comes from one of our FINtastic Ambassadors, Katie, and her daughter Cassie. Katie loves the outdoors and like every mom worth her salt, lives for leggings. With a baby in one arm and gardening tools in the other she had no place for other essentials and decided to add snaps to her beloved leggings so she could clip one of our Combo Bags on as a pocket. She shared her genius with our Lil Helper: Unsnapped and inspired Uncle Mo to add a pocket to this towel.


Your child can be wild but your gear doesn’t have to be.


Designed for life on the go 


Even though this towel is nice and big, it is lightweight and compact. It folds up to take up the same amount of space as a soda can and weighs less. So you can enjoy SUNsational days without having to look like you are packing for an expedition up Mount Everest. PLUS, they come with a built in snap and strap to make packing them up easy breezy. 

Mo’ prints? No problems...


Double the adorable fun. 


Because it ain’t a Lil Helper party if there isn’t some cuteness sprinkled in. In addition to being insanely well designed and functional, these towels are adorable. They’re reversible so you get two BEACHY-keen prints for the price of one. Plus we’ve picked an array of classic and new prints that give you all the summer vibes, so that it will always feel sunny no matter what Mother Nature is throwing your way.


I mean, I don’t know why I’m still talking. I had most of you at “pocket.” But throw one of these BEACHES in your cart and we promise that, for once, you will be happy to throw in the towel.




Still not sold? Do I need to say the word pockets again? Throw in another beach-themed pun? Or do you just need more info? If so, I’d check this stuff out...

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

We recommend you wash these beautiful, fantastical towels in cold water with a recommended detergent. You will want to hang these fast-drying towels when possible, if not tumble dry on low. Any time you are dealing with super mega absorbent materials, we recommend avoiding any sort of fabric softener or dryer sheets that can coat the fabric and cause repelling.
Our Moasis beach towels are the perfect size for the whole family. They are a generous 60” x 30” but their super thin, absorbent material allows them to be rolled up to about the size of a pop can!
They are made of an unbelievably soft, absorbent, 100% microfibre suede.
The snaps are used to make toweling yourself and your kiddos as easy as possible. You can snap the towel over the shoulders, around your waist, you name it! We could all use the free hands once and a while!
No, the pocket is the same microfiber suede as the towels. Designed to keep your belongings hidden and sand-free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
weird but great!

I have very little "me" time currently, and one of those few moments is water walking twice a week. I've bought the XL and small pads and loved them so thought I'd give the towel a try. When I unwrapped it I was a bit surprised. It was weird, didn't feel like a towel at all! Wondered how it was going to work.Was this an expensive mistake? I did love the zipper to put my car keys in at the pool so.... Used it that night and I love it. It really does dry super fast and doesn't get drippy afterwards like a regular towel. It takes up very little room while dryin and afterwards. Yeah, it's still a bit werird. but I really love this great product.

Hi V.A.
We like to think that 'weird but great!' describes all of us here at Lil Helper, so we will take the compliment!
The micro-suede material of our Moasis towels is definitely unique, and hard to describe! But we have put a lot of effort into all the details and the functionality from the pocket to the snaps to creating something hyper functional and unique!
If you ever have any questions or suggestions for other weird but great things we can make in the future - we are all ears! Email us at
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Alicia D
Where have these been all my life

Absolutely super soft, fun colors and patterns. It has a pocket with zipper, need I say more?! Has a ribbon with a snap so you can wear it like a cape. Folds up super compact so it’s perfect for travel. Dries easily. Recently used them on a trip and it was the perfect size and weight for luggage. I was able to easily rinse out and hang at hotel. I can’t wait until they make hand towels and more.

Hi Alicia!
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with our Moasis towels! It makes us beam with pride knowing we could play some small role in helping your travels go smoothly. Everyone loves a pocket but it is hard to completely capture the engineering in these towels! Your words mean so much to us as a small company trying to offer the best solutions to folks - I'm taking notes on hand towels!
If you ever have any other products you'd like Mohammed to take a try at designing or improving upon, send us an email at - we are all ears!
Kind regards,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper


Really cute towels, very absorbent and dried very quickly. Also great to be able to snap like a cape on my 3 year old

Thanks Rebecca!
We believe there is a tiny superhero in all of us just waiting to come out - all it takes is a really great cape!
Glad our towels hit the mark for your family.
With gratitude,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Great towel

Does what you need it to and looks cute! One arrived in the wrong print, so they promptly sent another one.

Hey J.F.!
Thanks for emailing when you noticed our packing ninjas made a mistake! The Delight Team is always just an email away and so happy to help - appreciate you reaching out so we could get it right!
Hope your Moasis towels help you enjoy many sunny days at the beach in comfort - just like our badass mermaids intended!
Caitlin @ Lil Helper


Love there towels!! Amazing

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