Easy At Home Activities to for Family Day

Hey everyone! Heather here with some easy Family Day activities you can do at home.

This is the time of year where the weather is yucky. Things are cancelled, either because of the weather or Covid, and you’re stuck inside. A lot. What to do with yourself and the kiddos to pass the time?

Well this is a list of things you can do to spend some quality family time without much thought or effort.

Family Dance Party

I know I know. Dance party seems too simple but kids LOVE it. Especially when you get all silly and dance with them. Its pretty hilarious to try to teach your kids some old school moves like the ‘Shopping Cart’ and ‘The Carleton’.

Everyone needs to learn these dance moves

We’ve made it even easier to have a spontaneous dance party because now you can check out this easy and comprehensive list of dance favorites on our Spotify channel! You’re going to dance like it’s 1989! Because I’m old. You’re going to have to stretch and get “Footloose” all while getting “Jiggy with It”.

Click HERE for a pre-made Spotify dance party playlist epic enough to make everyone get their boogie shoes on!

Pouring Station

This Family Day activity is super fun and doesn't require a lot of forethought. Grab some random containers from your kitchen and some utensils and measuring cups if you have them. Fill up some tubs with water and let your littles pour!

You can add some food coloring for some extra fun if you have it and its a great way to teach kiddos about color mixing!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This Family Day activity is simple and super fun! Get your kiddos to find certain things around the house as a fun scavenger hunt activity. You can give them a list and have them going around checking things off as they find them! You can make it a timed activity for older kiddos or an exercise in recognition for the littles. Either way, its lots of fun!

Pressed for time and don't want to create your own? We’ve made it easy for you! Click below to download a printable PDF!

Indoor obstacle course

Use masking or painters tape to create some fun shapes on the floor that your kiddos can follow. This is such a super simple way to entertain your kids! We did this over the weekend and my kids raced around for the better part of a half hour before I even explained that I was setting up a track with specific “moves” for them to complete. They went full force for almost 2 hours!

If your kids aren't super active or you want a quiet activity instead, you can set up two strips of tape in a large room or down a long hallway and mark one start and one finish and have races with toy cars!


Playdoh can entertain our household for hours! The kids love squishing it and it brings back some nostalgia for me and the husband making it one of the best Family Day activities!

Don't have play doh around the house? Spend a few minutes with the kids making some! Its super easy, quick and the ingredients are so common you probably have them in your cupboard! Check out this recipe!

If you don’t have specific PlayDoh accessories, generic cookie cutters and kitchen utensils work really well to create shapes and molds!

Wet bags come in handy for keeping all our Playdoh and accessories organized.

Hope these activities keep you and your fam jam entertained!

How do you like to spend quality time at home?



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