God Forbid Guarantee

God forbid, if something unexpected were to happen during your pregnancy or birthing, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers will refund your entire purchase.

The History of the God Forbid Guarantee

The following is an exchange that took place between a Lil Helper customer (let’s call her K.) and myself (Uncle Mo) back in 2015.

K. is a loyal Lil Helper customer. Lil Helper was just a team of 3 at that point, so I distinctly remember packing her orders and communicating with her on a number of occasions.

I came across K.’s post when she was trying to sell her diapers on the Lil Helper Buy/Sell/Trade forum on Facebook.

Here are some screenshots of our exchange.

Why do we do this?

When I had this conversation with K., I had no intention of posting it anywhere. But the thought kept bugging me for weeks that there might be other customers of ours who are probably in the same unfortunate position as K.

And since we didn’t have an explicit policy in place wherein customers can get in touch with us in the case of a tragedy, we might be inadvertently causing already grieving parents to relive their loss by selling their diapers.

Even my wife and I had lost a child early on in our pregnancy so I know the pain to a certain extent and wouldn’t wish it upon anybody.

How Lil Helper operates when nobody is watching

This isn’t the first time that we have gone out of our way to treat a customer right.

Nader, the mad-scientist-half of Lil Helper, drove in the Canadian winter for 2 hours, one-way, to deliver a $90 order to a customer because her original order was at the Post Office and she had an early morning flight.

I once delivered cloth diapers at 1 am because a customer had a newborn baby with a diaper rash as bad as second-degree burns and the whole family hadn’t slept in days.

Each and every order leaves our premises with a hand-written thank you card as a way of showing that we truly appreciate the business that good folks like you give us, and not for a moment do we take it for granted.

Update on K.

The good news is that K., our loyal Lil Helper mama, was blessed with a beautiful baby boy soon after the post went viral. And when she ordered more diapers from us, I had the pleasure of telling her that her money was no good at Lil Helper. She was as touched by our small gesture as we were by her courage to allow us to share her story and help other families who might, God forbid, find themselves in a similar situation.

Share your thoughts

If you have anything to say about this policy or suggestions on how we can improve the way it works, I would love to hear your thoughts.

What happens when you treat customers like family

If you have a few minutes for another feel-good story, or want to see a grown man well up, check out this video on why we do things the way we do.