Why Your Kids Need STEAM Education: Featuring Banyan Tree Kidz

With our “designed by rocket scientists” cloth diaper claim to fame, it’s no surprise we love STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) at Lil Helper. That’s why we are thrilled to feature Banyan Tree Kidz on the blog. They have a ton of knowledge on why STEAM education is great for kids and how they make it easier for families to jump into STEAM too!

Why STEAM Education Is A Win For Everybody

The term STEM or STEAM has been making headlines in the education sector by experts and researchers for over a decade. It is now finally gaining the attention of parents and educators today. Several schools across Canada now have a dedicated STEM program and employ teachers trained in hands-on STEM education. We know from recent research published on a daily basis, that STEM is the future of education. To get any job in the future in the United States and Canada, training in STEM topics and subjects will be a solid requirement. So why has STEM education become a necessity to succeed in our world?

It is first important to understand what STEAM means. STEAM education is an interdisciplinary learning approach. It integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math as pathways to guide kids to critically think, discuss, and innovate. It fosters an inclusive learning environment in which all students are able to engage and contribute. STEAM education is very different from textbook learning. It helps kids learn with a more hands-on approach and introduces skills to them that can be applied in the real world. This interdisciplinary approach helps kids probe thought-provoking questions for which you can’t just find the answers online. It empowers young kids to be curious learners who seek creative solutions for real world problems.

In today’s world it is essential that kids are prepared for unforeseen changes where they can learn to innovate and adapt. It is imperative that we facilitate learning environments that are dynamic, fluid and relevant. STEAM education allows kids to think outside the box and explore learning with a more hands-on approach outside their classrooms. STEAM education allows young individuals to dive deeper into learning by using arts to create a more meaningful and engaging learning environment. Connecting learning with art practices helps kids to rely less on memorization tactics. It focuses more on comprehending the material they are studying in order to critically think, build connections and apply the tools of creativity. The A in STEAM brings in personal expression and has a much more holistic approach.

How STEAM Education Is Beneficial In The Long Run

STEAM education is not only beneficial in the academic lens but it also helps young kids in the long run. One of the most valuable aspects of STEAM education is how it encourages students to learn to communicate better through soft skills. These are skills that deal more with emotional intelligence and how a person is able to interact with other people.

Knowledge is power, but the simple act of acquiring information often isn’t as important as knowing what to do once you have it. STEAM education helps you use that knowledge and critically think in unexpected challenges. It helps in navigating something as definable and understood as academic goals. Along with creative thinking, creativity is one of the most vital skills of the 21st century. Unlike collaboration or communication, creativity isn’t something that can be taught specifically. But STEAM education creates an environment where students can learn to express themselves.

Last but not the least, collaboration is a crucial part in the real world. STEAM education encourages this, bringing a collaborative spirit to the classroom rather than a competitive one. As students work on chemistry reactions together or learn to see the value in their classmate’s artistic expressions, they are able to learn how to cooperate and how to appreciate their peers.

STEAM Equals Success In The 21st Century

In today’s day and age, technology has started replacing a lot of task-based work. This means we as human beings are left to take on jobs that require creativity, critical thinking, innovation and collaboration - all of which are crucial elements in STEAM education. As per research, educating kids in STEAM subjects prepares them for life, regardless of the profession they choose to follow. It prepares kids to be confident and take advantage of whatever opportunities appear. STEAM education removes limitations and replaces them with wonder.

Although schools are now taking the STEM approach to their teaching, parents at home can also encourage and continue their STEM education through play. You can start children in STEM as early as 3 years old. Letting them play with blocks, help set the dinner table, tinker with broken toasters or other objects at home safely, and encourage hands-on activities at home. Banyan Tree Kidz is a great platform to help you kickstart your child’s journey with STEAM.

Our curated STEAM learning kits have gone through hundreds of hours in research. This testing is designed to develop the best learning kits for your children. We have combined literacy and science to curate innovative and educational STEM crates. Using the concept of Storybook Science, we noticed that once the children read the books, they are more engaged in the STEM activities which are inspired by the scenarios in the storybook. Also, at the end of the projects, kids get to keep the hardcover children’s books for their growing at-home library.

We are the only company that delivers storybooks and STEAM activities in one single box. Our super fun educational boxes include hardcover children's books and STEM learning projects inspired by the storybooks. The STEM projects include fun science experiments, DIY projects focused on technology, math, engineering and much more. Our boxes are designed for children to get a head-start in STEM education and make learning fun beyond school time.

STEM is the future of education and inspiring an interest in STEM topics is essential at an early age. There are several easy steps parents can take to introduce children to STEM education. There are tons of resources and recent research on this subject online. Incorporating easy STEM activities at home and understanding your school’s STEM programs or initiatives is a good beginning.

About the Author

Banyan Tree Kidz was founded by 2 friends, Jessica and Ritika in January 2019. It has quickly become an innovative company based in Vancouver in the toys space.

“We have a deep appreciation for creative, hands-on learning and literacy that encourages children to be excited about every learning day. Banyan Tree Kidz was created to celebrate kids' natural creativity and curiosity, while assisting parents who want to bring enriching experiences to their children. We want to make learning fun, simple, and joyful for families to spend time building, connecting and creating together."

~ Ritika & Jessica (Co-Founders) Banyan Tree Kidz

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