Stuck On How to Decorate Baby’s Room? This Nautical Nursery Theme will Inspire You!

We knew from the very first glance at the positive pregnancy test that we would be decorating our sweet baby's bedroom in a Nautical Coastal theme. I have always been drawn to that style of décor. It has been a labor of love, a work in progress and is still getting some tweaks here and there. But I am so thrilled with how Orry's nursery has turned out and I would love to give you a little tour and outline some of our favorite Lil Helper products!

Nautical Nursery: Dresser & Door Décor

I knew I wanted some buoys to use as décor. I enlisted the help of a woodworking friend to make them for me. My partner and I spent some quality time together painting them. The mix of red, lilac, turquoise, blue and white came together beautifully with the walls in the room. The walls are painted a great neutral color called "Yukon Sky".

The painting above the dresser came from a beach market in Sosua, Dominican Republic. I used to live there and this painting had been one I admired on my daily walks on the beach. It had been sitting, rolled up on canvas for over a decade. I knew it would be the perfect art piece to put on this big wall. I had it stretched onto a new frame and hung it above the dresser. This colorful piece makes me smile and remember my time living in Sosua, DR.

A very nautical set of hooks on our door is the perfect little hanging spot for the Lil Helper Moasis towels! These trusty towels add a touch of color and whimsy to our door. But they offer so much functionality for busy parents as well. They dry a wiggly little body off amazingly well, and can be used a few times for baby's bath time before having to toss in the laundry. I love the ocean themed graphics that Lil Helper offers - they actually look like they were designed just for our nursery!

Details that Tie the Room Together

I was browsing the clearance rack at a local home décor store and found the net in the upper corner of the bedroom. I thought it could be used as a fisherman's net, but had no clue how I was going to hang it. I ended up using command hooks and just lining them up and hooking them into the net. My daughter had some National Geographic toys from McDonald's - a dolphin, manta ray, sea turtle and whale. Along with some starfish, we fiddled around and trapped her stuffies in the net!

The anchor and wheel set was a gift from my sister, who lives in Vancouver Island. She said that there is a lot of cool nautical décor items there. She is also an ocean lover and was super excited about our nursery theme. The vintage Prince Edward Island tray has lobsters on it. My partner found it years ago at a garage sale. It was very sweet that a tray he had moved around with him for many years finally made its way into his baby's nursery. (Much like my painting from the Dominican Republic.)

On the dresser is a few nautical Scentsy warmers. The metal lighthouse "Portland" and the buoy "Ahoy" are two retired warmers that I had in my little collection of beach themed warmers. The Under the Sea Scentsy diffuser was also a nice touch. The nursery smells so good with these in there!

The bookshelf was upcycled by me, when I was pregnant. I painted it and covered the back with fabric for a pop of color. The baskets house a lot of my Lil Helper stuff that makes parenting a baby so much easier! My collection of many bags....wet bags, wet/dry bags, snack bags, combo bags...they are all housed on this shelf! Along with our Lifesaver Mats, Bamboo Washcloths, and more Moasis Beach Towels. Having all of these tools, in their own baskets keeps us very organized. Even on the days that I am a total Hot Mess Mom, I can be proud of this little corner of my baby boy's nursery!

Nursery Necessity: The Change Table

The change table area of our nursery (or the Poop Deck as I affectionately named it!) is a true storage hero. Bins from Amazon sit on the bottom shelf and hold our cloth diapers and extra liners. I had the sailboat shelf custom built to hold a dozen of our Lil Helpers -it honestly makes me smile every time I look at it. A Mini Lifesaver Mat is always on our change table. The little basket holds a large collection of Lil Helper t-shirt wipes.

There are two separate laundry bins and they are always lined with a Large Drawstring Bag. One holds soiled diapers and the other holds dirty baby clothes, wash cloths and towels. Having these two bins with the drawstring bags makes it so easy to quickly tackle my wash routine. My sister found a cool vintage looking octopus poster that I had plaque mounted. I had the personalized name sign painted using the Nautical Alphabet, which I didn't even know was a thing until I fell into the nautical nursery rabbit hole on Pinterest! The art really finishes the area beautifully.

Last but Not Least: Nighttime Nursery Space

And finally, the last little area of our nursery is where all the blissful sleep will take place! Which is always our wishful thinking and our guy is getting pretty good at sleeping through the night. The full night's sleep may be thanks to our Sleepsaver crib sheets! I swear, as soon as I put these sheets on the bed, Orry started actually liking his crib!

These crib sheets are the absolute best, so soft and I need to personally message Mohammed and request them to be manufactured in king sized, so I can enjoy them on my bed. The Waves pattern is such a great print for our room and we also have the Whales one. I simply couldn't choose between them, so bought both! Adding some more ocean flair to this area is the canvas hung by rope on anchors, the felt sea creature mobile and the Ruggable washable rug in a wavy ocean pattern. Even though the Ruggable is washable, I still play it safe when Orry is playing in his room and lay down the Lil Helper Lifesaver XL mat!

This is a bedroom I hope our sweet little Captain Orry enjoys for a long least until he is finished with the collection of Zero-A Trainers that are hiding in the closet!



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