Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

Satyam: Truth

Be Honest.

At LH we tell the truth, no matter the consequences. E.g .: We make our products in China. We don’t hide it. We don’t say that it is “Ethically and Sustainably Made In PRC”, hoping that the naive consumer might mistake PRC for Puerto Rico. We say it out loud because we are confident of how and where our products are manufactured. I was meticulous in my pursuit to find a good workshop. Before COVID, I would be in our factory for each and every production run. All the workers know me and I know them. I am a business traveller yet take two 50 pound bags as check-in, carrying gifts and chocolates for my team in China. My 10 days worth of clothes fit in the carry-on.

Recently I rejected working with a factory, can you guess why? (The answer is Soap).

And we introduced a new diaper and actively encouraged current users of our diapers NOT to upgrade. Does this make good business sense? Probably no. But we are in the business of building trust by being honest and squandering that for a temporary spike in revenue is just plain stupid.

Shivam: Virtue

Be Kind.

We are good folks and do exactly what you’d expect good folks to do, even if we get the short end of the stick. Why? Because we want to live in a world where we treat strangers like friends and friends like family. Because we want to treat everyone the way we want to be treated. Because the other alternatives are not that great.

LH’s God Forbid Guarantee allows a patron to request a refund of an order of any size if they are unable to use our products due to a complication in their pregnancy or a stillbirth. The grieving family can either return the goods back to us so we can donate it to another family in need, choose to keep it for another child, or pass on the goods to a friend or family member.
Here’s the conversation that started the GFG:
Here’s the backstory of the conversation and why it was posted on SM: 
This what we do when we get scammed:  

Sundaram: The pursuit of what is beautiful

Be Joyful.

Beauty brings joy. We try to infuse beauty in each and every thing we do. From our product copy, the prints on our products, how we name our products, the construction of our products, emails, letters, handwritten thank you cards, chocolates and gifts in each order, even the labels. Here’s a short video that explains it: 


  • Hi Allison! For anyone dealing with mild incontinence, we recommend our HyPs Max, or at the very least our HyPs Heavy. You can also try a Lifesaver Mat for added peace of mind when you’re sleeping. Period underwear with better fuller coverage is in the works too ;)

    Caitlin @ Lil Helper on

  • What about perimenopausal women who still have periods and have incontinence? It’s one of my main concerns using a cloth pad. Thank you.

    Allison on

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