Hera Breast Pads (2 pairs per pack)

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Wanna know the crappy #momlife secret I was not prepared for? LEAKY BOOBS! When discussing how magical breastfeeding can be, everyone seems to have glossed over the fact that you need to stuff unflattering contraptions down your shirt to avoid looking like you leaned, boobs first, into a bathtub. So I’m here to spill the beans and suggest you check out our contoured, comfortable and absorbent breast pads. Your tatas, clothing, and other earthly possessions will thank you.

2 pairs per pack.

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  1. Whomp Whomp... Laundry time. Don't sweat it, we have a quick and easy routine for washing your breast pads. If you cloth diaper you can simply throw them in and wash using your Lil Helper approved wash routine. If you are washing them with your diapers please remember to rinse off any nipple cream that may be present prior to washing.
  2. Don't use cloth diapers? No worries. You can wash them with your regular laundry. However, we do recommend throwing them into a mesh garment bag to protect them in your washer. Please note: do not wash using hot water or dry on high heat.

3 Layers of goodness

Each pad is made from three action packed layers. Waterproof PUL (to keep your shirts, sheets, and significant other protected from your “fountains of youth”) + Absorbent Bamboo Terry (to suck in and hold all the leaky goodness) + Wicking Bamboo Poly Mesh on your skin(keeps you fresh and dry as a daisy on a summer’s day).

Low profile

There may be a lot going on in those layers, but we have worked to keep them slim and lo-pro. Each pad conforms to your breasts and is invisible from the outside. Because visible seams, lumps, or weird points are so pre-Covid.

Double the fun

Each pack contains 2 pairs of pads. That works out to 4 in total, for those of you who feel like your little one must be sucking out brain cells along with that magical milk at each feeding. I feel you, I counted on my fingers twice to make sure I got these numbers right.

Moisture + warmth = a sticky mess.

Our breast pads take sticking out of the equation

Cotton breast pads (disposable and reusables) literally glue on to your sensitive skin, which is no fun for you or your nips. Imagine peeling off a cotton breast pad that is stuck to your nipples, especially if they are dry, chapped, or (heaven forbid) cracked 😱.

Lil Helper breast pads have a stay-dry, wicking bamboo - a technical material next to your skin. Which means that your baby will be the only sticky nightmare you need to worry about.

We’ve taken a novel approach in our design.

Breast pads that are actually shaped like, well, breasts

Why are most breast pads “lumpy and coaster shaped”? Which titan of industry used a dinner plate - flat and round - as a design inspiration for conventional breast pads?

Our pads are soft, concave, seamless on the outside and adapt to the natural curve of your body, gently hugging “the twins” and staying out of sight.

Soggy bras are no joke.

Our breast pads have you covered

The word leaking in any context just denotes something, somewhere went wrong. Our breast pads don’t leak!! The white fabric you see is waterproof PUL that locks in moisture. The thin middle layer of super absorbent bamboo terry will soak in every drop that you leak throughout the day, and the wicking bamboo mesh will keep your breasts feeling dry while evenly dispersing the milk throughout the pad!

If you’re a “heavy wetter” or needing more coverage, our Overnight Breast Pads will be your jam!

Soft as a feather, constructed like a tank.

Breast pads as tough as the Mamas who wear them

Just because our pads look delicate please don’t treat them with any kind of reverence by hand washing them or cleaning them with tears of a sloth. Just throw them in the washer with your regular clothes or underwear. These babies were made to last, so you will never have to replace them. Like survive the apocalypse - last. For real. All that will be left is cockroaches, Cher, and these breast pads.

And if you are scared of losing them in wash, use one of our laundry mesh bags

to keep them together.

I’m not sure why women were designed so that their liquid gold would gush forth every time someone looks at them the wrong way, or a baby thinks about crying within a 150 km radius, but our comfy, leak-proof pads will help you feel a little less like this guy.



Still not sure? Let us lay some more Tata-related knowledge on you to help ease your mind.

Full FAQ Page

Have you decided to invest in reusable breast pads but are unsure how many you need? We got you! To start out we would say one breast pad deal (add link) and 2 packs of overnight liners. That would be 8 pairs of breast pads and 4 pairs of overnight pads. You may find you need less or more depending on how often you wash or how heavy you leak. However, this is a great starter stash.
Our unique combo of super absorbent bamboo, PUL backing and especially the bamboo stay dry liner (BDSL). All of which work to prevent any dreaded crunchiness and prevent the pad from sticking to nipple. That was the big seller for all of us!

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews

I bought these for my wife, she loved them! Very comfortable, and not sticky!

Happy customer

Happy breasts, happy customer.

Iuliia Raldugina
I love them!

Very comfy, doesn't stick, doesn't move, doesn't leak. 2 pairs enough if washed frequently which is totally doable !

Amanda Buck
As good as promised

Wonderful product! Soft, absorbent, low profile, doesn’t stick to my sore nips. Couldn’t ask for more.

Kimberly Awender

Perfect product! Worked well for when I needed it. Never smelt, could hold lots of liquid, stayed in place. Lil helper has the best products for nursing and babies!

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