Period Pain & PMS: Advice from a Period Health Expert

This week for Flo Friday, where at Lil Helper we talk all things menstruation, we are thrilled to feature Kasandra Miller, a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner and Period Health Expert. Kasandra helps people with horrible PMS have an effortless period naturally. She is on a mission to help others with their period pain so they can feel good in their body all month long.

Period pain is common, but not normal.

Period pain is so common for menstruators but it’s not normal. Periods shouldn’t be painful, and they shouldn’t come with excruciating cramps. A twinge or a little discomfort is okay, but fetal positions, heating pads, and canceling plans because of cramps, are not okay. Your period shouldn’t keep you from living your life. We get period pain and cramps because the body produces a group of lipids called prostaglandins. These are responsible for helping the uterus contract and push out blood and tissue. They are super helpful in the right amounts and have an important job. However, when we have an overproduction of prostaglandins; due to things like inflammation, gut dysbiosis, and hormonal imbalances it causes painful period cramps and can contribute to period poops!

My Experience with period pain and cramps started in my late teens. It was so bad I would lay in bed for a couple of days every month. I also had horrible acne and I felt so self-conscious all the time. I would google how to heal acne and how to help hormonal acne. I would have people commenting on my skin while out in public. I really wanted to have glowing skin and a period that didn’t put me in bed for a couple of days every month. My doctor was prescribing antibiotics and other medications to reduce my skin problems and cramps.

Periods might be inconvenient, but they shouldn’t cause your life to stop. Lil Helper has perfect bags for one the go! Photo Credit: Cheyenne N.

I found out the medications would only mask my symptoms, for the time being, and make my gut health worse at the same time. One of the days that I was googling how to help hormonal acne and PMS, naturally, I came across a YouTube video. The YouTube video was a woman who was a holistic nutritionist, and she was talking about her own health journey with PMS. Right then I knew I needed to look into Holistic Nutrition so I could help myself feel better. I then registered in a Holistic Nutrition Diploma program! This felt like the next step to learning natural ways to support my body through holistic nutrition so I could avoid using the medications that mask PMS symptoms.

The first year was rough. My acne got worse, my PMS came and went. I knew this wasn’t going to be a quick fix and that it was going to take time. I first needed to learn what to do and then implement it into my life. Within the program, I learned how to support my body to have glowing skin, and a painless period, so I could feel great all month long. Once I achieved my goal of naturally supporting my body to have clear skin and no PMS, I needed to share this with other women going through the same thing I once did.

Tips & Tricks for period pain and period cramps.

Fueling the body with a purpose

Eating foods that help lower inflammation and support healthy detoxification are an essential part of what I teach my clients inside of The Period Makeover Method.

Indulging in your favorite treats every time you get out your favorite pads? It might not be the best idea if you’re having intense period pains. Photo Credit: Becca N.

Prioritizing rest

Stop pushing yourself on the first few days of your period. This is NOT the time to crush a HIIT workout or run 5k. Sleep in, go to bed early, some light stretching or a walk, but prioritize REST.

Avoid caffeine on your period

Trust me, as little as one cup of coffee can increase your cramps. Instead, drink herbal teas such as raspberry leaf tea and cramp bark tea.

Supporting vitamin and mineral imbalances

Supplements help nourish our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals to help us have an effortless period. I recommend taking a multivitamin for women or a prenatal vitamin as well as an HMF probiotic.

Daily bowel movements

Photo Credit: Lil Helper Ambassador Jocelyn P.

This is so important as we eliminate excess estrogen in our bowel movements. If you are not having 1-3 bowel movements a day you may need to increase your water intake and may include psyllium husks in warm water first thing in the morning. Psyllium husks can be beneficial for both constipation and diarrhea.

How to get help for period pain periods and cramps--a guide.

Speaking with your doctor is always a good first step to rule out any serious concerns. Often we can go into an appointment wanting to discuss one thing and we leave feeling confused, or we end up forgetting to bring up what we wanted to discuss in the first place. It is important to get really specific with your concerns and your needs. Before heading to your appointment it’s important to write down and bring all your thoughts, ideas, and concerns with you during your appointments. If you are wanting to get to the root of your menstrual problems and address the underlying causes, find a holistic practitioner who specializes in menstrual health to work with. Holistic practitioners look at your diet, lifestyle, vitamin and mineral deficiencies to determine the root cause. Then they make a protocol to support the body back into balance. This is where I come in. I am a Natural Nutrition Clinical practitioner and I help women who have horrible PMS have an effortless period naturally. I have a free Ditch Your PMS Protocol checklist you can download to start your journey to effortless periods today.

About the Author

Kasandra Miller is the creator of The Period Makeover Method and it helps women eliminate their horrible PMS. When she isn’t spending her time learning about PMS and period problems, you will find her in the mountains snowboarding in the winter or paddleboarding on the lake in the summer.

Instagram: Period Health Expert Kasandra (@inspiringnaturalnourishment) • Instagram photos and videos


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