Hera & Hypatia? What’s in the Lil Helper Name

At Lil Helper, we believe in solving problems with joy, empathy, and dignity. We strive to provide caring support for individuals and families because we are all human. Our bodies do awesome things. Breastfeeding is a superpower. Periods are normal. That's why we named our breastpads Hera and our menstrual pads Hypatia.

The Story Behind the Names

Hera, in Greek mythology, was known as the queen of the gods and the goddess of women and childbirth. She was believed to have created the milky way, symbolizing her nurturing nature. The story goes that when Hera was sleeping, Heracles nursed Hera’s devine milk, an act which would endow the baby with godlike qualities. When Hera woke and realized that she was breastfeeding an unknown infant, she pushed him away and the spurting milk became the Milky Way. Similarly, our Hera breastpads are designed to provide comfort and support during breastfeeding, allowing mothers to embrace their own nurturing abilities. Plus, they are absorbent enough to soak up the whole milky way!

On the other hand, Hypatia was an ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher who defied societal norms by pursuing education and intellectual pursuits. Legend has it that she once threw her used menstrual pad at a man who questioned her intelligence. Inspired by her boldness and determination, our Hyps menstrual pads are designed to empower women during their menstrual cycles.

Joyful Solutions for Every Stage

By naming our products after these powerful women from history, we aim to celebrate motherhood and the human body while providing practical solutions for everyday challenges. Whether you're a new mom navigating the joys and challenges of breastfeeding or seeking comfort during your period, Lil Helper is here to support you every step of the way.

With our Hera breastpads, you can experience ultimate comfort while nursing your little one. Made with soft and absorbent materials, they offer protection against leaks while ensuring breathability for your skin.

Our Hypatia menstrual pads are designed with your comfort in mind. They feature a high-absorbency core and leak-proof backing to keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout your cycle. Plus, they're made from eco-friendly materials that are gentle on both your body and the environment.

Embracing Motherhood with Lil Helper

At Lil Helper, we understand that motherhood is a journey filled with ups and downs. That's why we're committed to providing products that not only meet your practical needs but also uplift your spirit. We believe in the power of community and aim to create a supportive network where moms can connect, share, and find solace in their shared experiences.

So join us on this incredible journey of motherhood. Let Lil Helper be your companion as you navigate the challenges and joys of breastfeeding and menstruation. With our Hera breastpads and Hypatia menstrual pads, you can embrace your superpower with confidence, knowing that you have a trusted ally by your side.

Remember, at Lil Helper, we're here to support you because every person deserves love, care, and dignity.

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