3 Must-Have Family Essentials for Surviving The Toddler Years

For many of us, the last 2 years have been hard. We’ve changed the way we work and play, and now we are ready for some normal. At Lil Helper, we are always working to make the best products for parents and families, and that is why in 2021 we launched 3 amazing new products that are sure to make you smile! From everyone’s summer essentials to the perfect gift for Mom, Lil Helper has you covered.

Meet Lil Helper

Lil Helper first began as a team of rocket scientist dads, who wanted to create a better diapering option. What began as a mission to create the best possible diaper, has expanded to create reusable and sustainable products that bring joy and excellence to every aspect of life! By mixing kindness with a drive for excellence, this Canadian company boasts some of the best products and stellar customer service you can find.

As new products, prints, and redesigns have released, they have sold out and crashed the website repeatedly. Just last December we went viral on TikTok and sold out our Hyps Menstrual Pads. We have been working hard to bring preorders in and learning how to improve products. We are constantly growing, evolving, and listening to YOU. And we believe these are the 3 essentials every family needs.

The Lifesaver XL Mat: Essential for family adventures at home and on the go

Our Lifesaver mat has become a favorite amongst our customers who use it for so many different things. When requests started coming in for a super sized version we had to say yes. This mat has you covered.

Created just like the original Lifesaver and Lifesaver mini, our Lifesaver XL mats feature a soft charcoal on one side, and a water resistant PUL on the other. This means that one side is perfect for absorbing messes (hello, couch protector during potty training days) and the other is easy to wipe clean (making it a cozy and amazing picnic blanket).

More than summer essentials, our mats are great for play indoor and out no matter the season! What can you use this giant mat for? Sensory play with your toddler, bare bum and tummy time for your baby. They are excellent mattress protectors for pregnant and postpartum moms. Even without kids, they are the ideal picnic blanket or camping companion that keep you dry on wet ground, or a cozy and wind resistant lap blanket for soccer games, camp fires, wherever life takes you!

Photo Credit: Ashley W.

Beach Towel

Make no mistake, Lil Helper is not just for parents and babies. In addition to awesome reusable swim diapers and wet-dry bags already in our wheelhouse, we are thrilled to offer our quality products and famous customer service to all summer lovers and swimmers with our beach towels!

Not feeling like a reversible towel deserves a standing ovation? This is no ordinary towel. To start, it is amply sized at 30 x 60 inches, yet is lightweight and compact! It folds up to take up the amount of space as a can of soda, yet weighs less! This towel can hold 5x its weight in water, and then the microfiber suede dries 10x faster than traditional cotton. On top of this, the microfiber suede will remain soft, again differing from cotton that can become scratchy when repeatedly air dried. The sand resistant fabric shakes off and rolls up with a snappable strap. These towels are summer essentials and will be your must have item for beach days, hiking, outdoor yoga, and more!

Can it get better? Yes. It even has a secret pocket, “Cassie’s Pocket”. The name comes from one of our dearest Ambassadors, Katie, and her daughter, Cassie. Katie loves the outdoors, and true to many moms, loves leggings. With a baby in one arm, gardening tools in the other, she had no place for other items such as a phone or keys. She added snaps to her leggings in order to attach our Combo Bag, and showed our Lil Helper: Unsnapped community.

This inspired Mohammed to add a pocket to this beach towel, so that mom’s like Katie can have one more place to slip those easy-to-lose items when you’re out exploring the world with a little one.

Ready to give the towel the standing ovation it deserves? Offering security on a crowded beach, high absorbency, and easy packing for all your wildest adventures, this beach towel will be your go-to all summer long.

Sleepsaver Crib Sheet

Last but definitely not least is our crib sheet. As with all the products we offer from Lil Helper, this is no ordinary crib sheet! So much time and energy was put in to make this sheet an essential for any nursery.

The bottom layer is a mattress protector and will protect your child’s mattress from spills and messes from drool to reflux to potty learning accidents. This protector wraps around the sides, leaving no part of the mattress exposed .

From beautiful neutrals to bright and beautiful designs, our crib sheets are the perfect fit for any nursery.

The top layer is a super soft minky in unique and new patterns to match your style. This sheet is soft and cozy, and also super absorbing so it keeps your child dry and content all night long. Many of our trial users reported their kids have slept better as a result of this sheet!

Photo Credit: Amie T.

And like all our products, this sheet is super durable and designed to last. It wraps around the mattress like all fitted sheets but with the added bonus of acting as a mattress protector at the same time. No more layering mattress covers and sheets, this all in one product has you covered!

Ready to give Lil Helper a try? Or maybe you need to hear from our real customers who’ve used these products first. Jump into our community Facebook page, Lil Helper: Unsnapped , where we have fostered an amazing community of kindhearted individuals ready to answer questions, encourage one another, and do our part to make the world a little greener and life a little brighter!

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