10 Tips to Prevent Diaper Rash with Cloth Diapers

One of the most common reasons that parents choose to cloth diaper their little one is because it is so easy to prevent diaper rash!

Diaper rash CAN still happen if cloth diapers are used incorrectly. However, if you use the following 10 tips you will easily be able to prevent diaper rash from happening to your little poop machine.

1.   Change diapers often when your baby is wet

It sounds awfully “Duh” but some babies are just really comfy in cloth. Cloth diapers are about 3 degrees cooler than disposables so your baby might not get agitated and let you know it’s time for a change.

2.   Use cotton wash cloths vs. disposable wipes

Using a cotton wipe with some warm water is like a mini-bath. It’s also easier, more economical and environmentally friendly (which are all bonuses to happy heineys) and hey, you know what’s on the wipe! Who wants to throw out a used poopy wipe (or five) into the garbage when the cloth diaper is going to the pail?

3.   Use natural bum creams for rashes

Natural bum creams are well, more natural and that’s always better – period. Even using coconut or olive oil can be very effective. Remember to avoid zinc and petroleum-based creams. Of course if you’re using our charcoal cloth diapers, creams are a thing of the past.

4.   Let them breathe!

Airing that little tushie out is so nice for baby and one of the easiest ways to prevent diaper rash. Put the change mat on the floor and just have some quiet time together. Who wants a diaper on all the time?  In the nice weather, fresh air can be a heinie’s best friend.

5.   Don’t let baby sit in a poopy diaper

Again, it sounds pretty obvious, but just remember to change your baby the moment you know they’ve pooped. Their bums can get very red from a bowel movement that comes in contact with their skin.

6.   Wash diapers often to keep bacteria at bay

Try not to allow diapers to sit for more than 2 days in a pail. Doing so makes them harder to wash and allows bacteria to thrive.

Note: If you are unable to wash diapers every 2-3 days, make sure to visit Fluff Love University to make sure you’ve got a wash routine that works!

7.   Use sunlight to naturally disinfect your diapers

Hang your diapers outside in the sun to dry whenever possible. The UV helps kill bacteria and also gets rid of those harmless but sometimes gross-looking tie-dye poop stains.

8.   Use a fragrance-free detergent

If your little one has sensitive skin, they might react to detergents that have fragrance and additives. If you need to use a fragrance-free detergent, just make sure you check the Fluff Love University Detergent Index to find one that will clean your diapers well.

9.   Use a feel-dry diaper at night if you’re lucky and have one of those babies that sleep

First of all, we know the above can’t be true. I mean, we’ve even made a magnet proving it   When your baby is a little older and starts to sleep for a longer period of time, keeping their bum feeling dry is a nice way to let them sleep longer. Charcoal inserts offer a feel dry feeling with a more breathable material when compared to other fabrics. It’s all in the wicking!

10.   Use a Lil Helper diaper

‘Nuff said. Seriously though, they are really great and prevent diaper rash from ever happening.

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