You Can Cloth Diaper Your Baby, Here’s Where to Start

So you’re interested in cloth diapering, but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Some parents view cloth diapers as old fashioned and outdated, but many new parents interested in reusable options for either environmental or cost saving reasons quickly become overwhelmed by all the options available in a modern cloth diaper. Here’s the basics you need to know.

Cloth Diaper Styles

There are a few types of cloth diapers. Pockets, All in Ones, and Flats are the main ones. Flats are what you probably imagine as your grandma’s cloth diapers. A large piece of fabric folded around baby and pinned. Pockets have a diaper cover with an absorbent layer that you have to stuff into the pocket of the diaper. All in Ones are what you might expect from the name as well, with the absorbent layer built right into the cover.

At Lil Helper, we fall somewhere between a pocket and an All in One, and we call our system the All in Two. Inserts snap in place to make the diapers easier to prep than pockets, but give you a better clean than All in Ones. Plus, if the cover does not become saturated you can reuse it for multiple changes, unlike Pockets and All in Ones.

Cloth Diaper Sizes

The other choice you may make is whether to buy diapers that come in specific sizes, and therefore you have to buy more as baby grows, or a one size fits all approach. Lil Helper, for example, fit kids from 7-35 lbs with the adjustable snap settings. So you can use the same set of cloth diapers from birth to potty training. This kind of diaper is usually more expensive, but as you don’t have to buy multiple sets/sizes, they end up being worth it in the long run.

One Size Diapers can seem more intimidating as they have more snaps. This is to give the diaper an adjustable fit. Need help getting the right fit? We’ve got handy tutorials on our YouTube channel and our Delight Team is always available to help!

How many cloth diapers do I need?

Expect to use 6-8 cloth diapers a day. Its based on this understanding of changing your child most often every two hours or so during awake times that Lil Helper created the Day Pack, a convenient way for you to purchase one days worth of cloth diapers – 6 complete diapers plus extra insert sets for if you are able to reuse your diaper covers. Ideally, you want to have enough diapers so that you wash every 3 days – often enough that they don’t create a stink, but not so often that you feel like that is all you are doing as a parent!

Still not sure what is right for you? Try a few out! Buy one or two of each style you find (used is a great option while you learn!) to find what your family likes best. Lil Helper offers a two diaper trial deal at a discount for new customers for exactly this reason too!

Looking for more help? Join our Unsnapped Parenting Community, the most supportive place online for parents, and while you’re there check out our Great Cloth Diaper Change Event happening this month (April 2023)!

Got a question? Leave it in the comments! What do you wish you’d known before you started cloth diapering? Share with the newbies down below!