Waterproof Blankets Are The Ultimate Life Hack

When we first launched our Lifesaver Mats, we had no idea of all the ways our customers would use these waterproof blankets! When we launched our Lifesaver Mats, we envisioned them as a solution to potty training messes for parents. But as always, we learn from our customers. Today we offer our waterproof blanket in 3 sizes and folks have found a million ways to use them.

Whether you choose the XL, Original, or Mini, the Lifesaver Mat is the waterproof blanket you didn’t know you needed and the life hack you’ll wonder how you lived without!

Here are a few of our favorite uses for our Lifesaver Mats, as shared by you!

A Large Appliance Delivery Lifesaver

When you say life saver you folks really mean it. I bought these for *ahem* joyous time with my partners but these blankets just saved my home life. They protected my fridge and protected my home. They kept me from having to remove a wall from my first home I only just bought, the first in my family to own one.

One of my partners is a software engineer and we let him measure for the new fridge. While it fit the kitchen space perfectly it was 3" too big to get through the door (as I'm sure you know all too well engineers get into problems like that where they have the answer and one small thing like the smaller door frames of our 100 year old home ruins the whole equation. The delivery drivers had to leave it on my back deck as the store had closed already for the night. Unfortunately I live in a coastal area of Canada so it began to pour rain and we had hurricane force winds and the temperature was dropping so we tried covering the fridge tarps but they kept blowing off.

So at 1am I think let's use the life saver mats I finally bought. If they can protect my mattress why not my fridge? So me and my partner covered the fridge the best we could over the top and back. And the next day we got more people to help and we got the fridge in through a window, we used the life saver mats to cover and protect the window frame. So now my fridge is inside and working perfectly and my window is all back together in one piece. These are life saving and home saving. Thank you.

Story and photo courtesy of Mae M.

Waterproof Blankets that are Pet Approved from Guinea Pigs to Dogs

Jey recently shared with us how he uses his Lifesaver Mat with his Guinea Pig:

I use it in my guinea pig's cage, its very good to absorb his pee-pee and water he spills onto it. Also very soft, he likes to snuggle up in it and treats it like any other blanket. Except this one I know he won't ruin & can absorb whatever he throws at it, LOL. Thanks Lil Helper for the excellent product & customer support as well. Definitely good for people who have guinea pigs or other rodents and need a substrate for them.

And we know many families use them for other pet messes, including end of life care for dogs. Our mission is to infuse a little joy, empathy, and dignity into life’s messy moments, and that goes for our furry friends as well.

Make Babies on It... Have Babies on It...

You’ve probably heard about Mohammed’s mastermind marketing scheme by now...

And our Lifesaver’s have certainly been put to the test! Many people have had their water break or delivered their babies on our Lifesavers, and these waterproof blankets are up to the challenge ever time!

Waterproof Blankets with a million different uses

We are truly so grateful to all our customers who show us all the awesome ways they use their Lifesaver Mats every day. How do you use yours?

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