Waste Free Living: Getting Your Family On Board

So you’re ready to make some changes towards waste free living but you aren’t sure how to get your family on board. You’ve come to the right place! At Lil Helper we have everything you need from big changes to small to make your home more sustainable. And the best products with the coolest designs to get the whole family living a more eco (and cost!) friendly lifestyle!

First Off, Start Small

You don’t need to start being zero waste overnight to make an impact. A few small changes can drastically reduce your household waste. Once your family starts seeing results, take the next step. Before you know it, reusable products become the norm.

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You may choose to replace on product, like swapping out Ziplocs for our small Bite Bags. That is perfect, and we recommend choosing a room in your home and making it as waste free as you can before moving on to the next room, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Bite Bags going over well? Replace your paper towel holder with a basket of wipes. Once that feels normal, start a DIY composter.

Small steps add up fast. And once your family starts to see the benefits of sustainable products, they’ll want to make more positive changes too. For example, my little ones will always choose a cloth wipe over a Kleenex now, the soft bamboo stops those sensitive noses from getting too sore! And its great to not have to buy wasteful paper products like that over and over again.

Part-Time Waste Free Living

Not ready to ditch the convenience of a disposable product cold turkey? That’s ok! Sub in a few reusable items a week, until you feel more confident and build a stash. This can also help slow the upfront costs of switching to reusable items.

Use one cloth diaper a day. It might not seem like much, but that saves 7 diapers a week, 30 a month, 365 a year! Use Hyps Menstrual Pads for the lighter days of your cycle. When it feels comfortable, increase how often you use these items! You’ll be surprised how much waste you can save from the landfill with a part-time switch. Imagine using 10 fewer tampons a cycle, or your paper towel lasting twice as long. Over time those savings help the planet, and your wallet!

Choose Designs Your Family Will Love

No sad beige minimalism here. We pack all our prints with fun easter eggs and details for the whole family. So whether its a funny note on a wipe tag or the famous Espresso-saurus on our Space Dinos print, our products are sure to win over the hearts of your whole family. Our mission is to empower waste free families, but we want it to be fun so you stick with it!

All our products are designed to be super user friendly, and durable so they last a long time. Need help along the way? You can always reach out to the delight team or our Unsnapped community for help on your journey to waste free living!

What changes are you making today?