Upcycle Twine: How to Repurpose Cloth Diaper Inserts & Worn Clothes (Part 2)

Revisiting Part 1: Making Your Upcycle Twine

Welcome to part two, revisiting our DIY project on where we upcycle old fabric scraps (even diaper inserts!) into twine. If you missed part one, you can find it here. To recap, in the dilemma of spring cleaning and upgrading old inserts to Lil Helper’s newest Tank insert, an abundance of unusable fabric is a common problem! Part one of the blog walked through how to go from inserts, to twine. Now, lets walk through what you can do with your repurposed fabric twine.

Crafted Out?

Sometimes, we set out with boldness on a crafting track that we are confident will bring about the most wonderful of results, and half way through we have lost all crafting inertia. Fear not! If creating this twine has used your entire craft energy for the month (or many years), you can still find use for it without a single additional DIY session.

Upcycle Twine as Wrapping Gifts / Bags

You can keep this fabric twine alongside your wrapping paper and gift cards, giving your gifts a unique ribbon tie. This ups your eco-friendly game by replacing plastic ribbons that are used once and thrown away, with a twine that is already giving fibers a second life.

Photo, Art, or Card Display

Grab some clothes pins and command hooks, and drape your strand of twine down the hallway to display photos, card, or kids artwork.

Craft Bucket

Perhaps, despite your best efforts of twisting and wrapping, your twine is not up to par and your preference is to never see or touch it again. Toss it into your kids’ craft bucket! They will inevitably enter a string cutting or knot tying stage at some point. Or they can simply delight in destroying it! Either way, your old fabric has lasted a little longer, and it is now serving the purpose of protecting new supplies from being destroyed.

Beginner DIY Choices for Upcycle Twine Crafts

Do you have one more evening of crafting adventure left in you? Or an older child who is ready to make some home decor this summer? Here are your intermediate options!

Bottle Wrap

Take a bottle or can from your recycling bin, give it a good rinse, and wrap it up! Using gorilla glue or a hot glue gun will do wonders in the longevity of your project, but you’ll gain a new pencil holder, flower vase, or simple statement piece for your shelf.

Cardboard Cut Out

Grab some cardboard or even styrofoam. Cut out a letter or shape, and (you guessed it) wrap it up!

Intermediate DIY Upcycle Twine Choices

Choose an item to be your “mold” This could be a plastic bowl, a can, anything that is a hard material! Place layers or parchment paper, wax paper, saran wrap, or any material that can function as your barrier between the “mold” and your glue.
You can accomplish this craft one of three ways.

  1. Your first option, is to adopt the barrier paper as part of the final product. Using liquid glue or modge podge, thickly paint it onto the paper or fabric. Tightly wrap your twine on top of the wet glue, following the shape of your container. Once completely wrapped, add a layer of glue to the outside and let it dry completely. It will come off of your mold, but the paper will stay bonded.
  2. The second option is to use a hot glue gun, meticulously adhering the twine only to itself. You will need careful and tight placement in order to have a bowl that stands on its own! You can choose to still add a layer of modge podge to help hold the shape after removing your twine from the mold.
  3. The third option is to sew it! With this option, you will not need your barrier paper and you can follow this tutorial for some helpful tips!

Extreme Crafter Inspiration

Ready to make your own mark on the world of recycled fibers? Do you scoff at the ease of Pinterest craft ideas? If you have a pre-existing craft skill, we would love to see you incorporate your newest material- up-cycled twine! Can you make a macramé plant hanger? Maybe even knit or crochet a basket or market bag? View your new twine as an endless possibility, and be sure to let us know what you create by tagging: @lilhelpergram on Instagram!

About the Author

Lisa is a first time mama who is passionate about sustainable and achievable DIY crafts and activities. Dabbling in a hobbies ranging from knitting to silk screen printing, she loves to help light other's spark for joyful creating. Currently living in Chicago, Lisa has called home: small town NH, Seattle WA, and Vancouver BC. She lives with her husband, their cat, and their one-year-old fluff bum, enjoying traditions of Saturday morning doughnuts and Thursday night nachos.

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