Tips for Cloth Diapering Twins + Coupon Code!

If you just got home from your ultrasound with the news that your family is going to be welcoming TWO (or more!) new babies into the family, this post is for you! If you’re interested in cloth diapering but the thought of doing it with twins seems overwhelming - you’ve come to the right place!

You go in for your 6 week ultrasound confirming your pregnancy, and make small talk with the ultrasound tech that you are already feeling WAY more sick than you did with your first, and your clothes are already tight. People joke, “well, maybe it’s twins!” but you just roll your eyes and answer “Oh god, can you imagine?!” HAH. It feels like the joke is on you when you’re staring at two little babies on the ultrasound screen.

The shock of multiples is real. Take some time, digest the news, and let yourself feel all the feelings. Overwhelmed. Terrified. Elated. Stressed. It’s all valid!

Maybe what you are most stressed about is that now you are going to have to double almost everything you need for baby gear. Babies are already expensive, double babies is a whole new ball game!

Making every dollar stretch as far as it can is at the top of mind for many parents to be. If you’re on the hunt for any deal or coupon that can help lessen the burden a bit for parents of twins or multiples, we’ve got you!

Coupon Code for Cloth Diapering Twins - Free Lifesaver Mat!

Lil Helper has introduced a twins/multiples promotion!

With the purchase of 5 Day Packs - enough diapers to cloth two babies for up to 3 days between washes - Lil Helper will gift you a free Lifesaver Mat! Simply enter the coupon code “MULTIPLES” at checkout!

Lifesaver Mats & Cloth Diapers make the perfect pair... well, almost as perfect as these twins!

The upfront costs of building a stash for two from scratch can be a bit tough to swallow. When Uncle Mo announced that this deal was going to come to fruition, as a show of support for anyone welcoming more than one new member at a time, I was thrilled! 

So, now that you’ve purchased your diapers and your little ones are on their way, here are a few tips and tricks from other cloth diapering twin parents! Because, let’s be real - when you have two (or more) babies, you need as many shortcuts as you can possibly get!

Make Cloth Diapering Twins Easy

Keep everything you might need at hand!

Using a dresser with a lot of storage as your changing table means that you won’t have supplies spread all over the house… Everything you could possibly need is right at hand. This tip is helpful for single babies as well, but especially helpful when you’ve already had to wrangle two up to the changing station.

Build a mobile changing station!

This can be put in a basket that moves around your home to the different rooms that you’re in with your multiples. Toss a Lifesaver Mini Mat in there, a pack of wipes and enough diapers to make it until nap time when you can execute a stealthy restock and BAM! You’ve eliminated the need to walk all the way to your changing station every single time someone needs to be changed - which is basically every 30 minutes.

Use liners to make poop cleanup even easier!

Sure, you can make a pile in the bathroom of diapers that need to be sprayed off at the end of the night. That’s definitely something I’ve done here in my own home on more than one occassion. Disposable liners make poop cleanup even quicker and easier so you don’t have to revisit icky diapers after everyone has finally gone to sleep at night. Instead, use those precious few minutes to catch some Zzzz’s yourself!

Words of Encouragement

Things might be hard in the beginning. The nights might be long, the transition a little rocky and the responsibility overwhelming. But you’ve got this. You are going to rock this. Believe in yourself as a parent, in the decisions you make and the love that you have for these little ones, and everything will turn out exactly as it’s meant to. From one mama to another, I’m wishing you the best of luck and can’t wait for you to meet your little ones!

Prepare your heart... It's about to quadruple in size.

Got any A+ tips on making life with multiples a bit easier? Let me know in the comments!

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