The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the entire idea of Spring Cleaning?

Perhaps you haven’t quite figured out where to begin and what exactly you should be cleaning? Wonder no more! I’m here today with a very practical, very thorough, Spring Cleaning Checklist to help guide you. Get out those yellow cleaning gloves, and put on your best tunes… We’re about to get our Spring Cleaning on!

Kitchen & Pantry

Take everything out of every cupboard and drawer.

Throw away anything expired or broken, donate to the food bank any non-perishable food item that is not likely to be eaten, & donate any gadgets that you do not have use for.

Wipe out all cupboards and drawers. Put everything back neatly. Wipe cupboard faces.

With all that wiping, consider ditching paper towels for reusable cloth wipes!

Take everything out of your refrigerator. Throw out anything icky. Remove shelves and drawers from fridge and wash thoroughly. Allow to air dry before replacing.

Pull appliances away from the wall. Vacuum and mop behind them. Clean the oven. Clean the microwave.

Scrub the sink thoroughly, paying special attention to the nooks and crannies of the faucet. Using a old toothbrush here is not a bad idea.

Clean your dishwasher. Also, pay special attention to the seals of the dishwasher. These often need to be wiped out as gunk tends to accumulate there.

Living Room Spring Cleaning

Pull all large furniture away from the walls and vacuum/mop behind. Declutter.

With a damp cloth dust all framed photos, surfaces, electronics, etc. Wipe door frames and light switches.

Now is a great time to shampoo the carpet or rugs. Wipe/dust blinds, or vacuum curtains.


Remove anything that has accumulated under the bed.

Pull bedside tables away from the walls and vacuum behind. Dust all surfaces, lamps, and anything hanging on the walls.

Wash or air out duvets and pillows.

Wash mattress protectors.

SleepSaver Crib Sheets feature built in mattress protectors.

Empty all drawers (bedside tables and dressers) and go through item-by-item selecting things to donate, throw away, or keep.

Wipe/dust blinds, or vacuum curtains.

Closets: The Declutter Capital of Spring Cleaning

Pull everything out of every closet.

Vacuum floors and wipe down any shelves.

Go through item-by-item selecting things to donate, throw away, or keep. Make sure that everything that goes back into the closets is hung or folded neatly.

A simple sorting system makes all the difference.


Empty every drawer or shelf, and throw out anything that is expired, or unlikely to be used in the next 6 months. This includes your make-up.

Sort and tidy with baskets for simple organization in the bathroom.

Deep clean bathtub and shower, making sure not to forget the tub surround.

Standing on a step ladder, wipe down all walls and fixtures. Scrub the toilet and floor surrounding the toilet, paying special attention to any joint areas. Wipe sink and counter.

A Spring Cleaning Checklist would not be complete without a Safety Section:

Dispose of expired medication. This can be done safely by simply dropping off at your nearest pharmacy.

Never ever flush, or throw medication into a garbage bin where it could be found by a child!

Dispose of expired cleaning products (yes, they do expire!)

Check the expiration on your fire extinguishers. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

We want to hear from you! Have we forgotten anything? Share your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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