The Lifesaver Mat: Helping New Moms from Pregnancy to Potty Training

Hi everyone! Caitlin here, still navigating the newborn stage with my second little, Becka, and here to share some of the many uses of my new love...

The lifesaver mat!

The lifesaver mat by Lil Helper has so many uses from pregnancy to potty training. I didn’t start using one until my second pregnancy and I wish I’d gotten one way sooner! I thought, “why do I need a giant change mat like that?”. The answer is: FOR SO MANY REASONS! Here are some ideas for why you need one of these bad boys in your life!

1. Sleep on the Lifesaver Mat During Pregnancy

Did you know that once your water breaks, you will keep leaking amniotic fluid until all of it comes out? On average thats 2.5-3 cups of liquid! Imagine all that ‘water’ dribbling or gushing when you are in your car or sleeping.

I couldn’t stand the thought of destroying my mattress. Thankfully the lifesaver mat is big enough to cover lots of surface area in your bed, and the PUL backing will protect your mattress from all that liquid.

Most women don’t experience their water breaking until they are already in labor, but the extra peace of mind helped me get a little more of that much-needed rest in the third trimester.

2. Lifesaver for Breastfeeding/Postpartum

Once you get through your water breaking, you’re likely to experience another part of you that leaks – your boobs. And especially in the early days of breastfeeding when engorgement is common, you may be most comfortable going without a bra.

This can help prevent clogged ducts while your milk regulates, at which point you might be more comfortable sleeping in a bra with a pair of overnight breast pads.

In the meantime, sleep in comfort and with peace of mind by continuing to sleep on your lifesaver mat! Not only will you avoid waking up in a puddle and clogged ducts, but your boobs and mattress will both thank you.

Check out how I use my lifesaver mats and my postpartum sleep set up here:

3. Lifesaver Mat – Perfect for Bare Bum/Tummy Time

While there’s lots of creams to treat diaper rash (and folks who use our charcoal cloth diaper inserts don’t usually have to worry about it), the best prevention and treatment of diaper rash is bare bum time.

But no one wants a mess. The lifesaver mat is big enough and fast-absorbing enough to be the perfect place for bare bum time. I also love it for tummy time, as it makes any spit up that happens a breeze to clean too!

4. Try it Outside or as a Picnic Blanket

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy time outside with your littles and sitting in a wet spot. Whether its wet grass, sand, or even a wet patio cushion, putting this mat down can save your clothes from moisture too.

5. The Ultimate Potty Training Lifesaver

The final frontier in the world of change mats and diapers. One of the most common tips out there for teaching kiddos to use the toilet is to let them go naked. This helps them recognize when they are having an accident and when they need to go. The problem is, it can take our kids a while to recognize the feeling and learn to get to a toilet in time.

During this stage, and even when transitioning to big kid underwear and pants, the lifesaver mat is your best friend for avoiding messes and protecting your couch and carpet! Need something for training on the go? Keep an eye out for Lil Helper training pants! Grab them fast when they are in stock though, their release broke the internet! (And watch our social media for an upcoming release with more great new products!)

The lifesaver mat really is the product you never knew you needed with so many great uses. And when you get through potty training and you think you don’t need it anymore, just give Lifesaver a search on the Lil Helper: Unsnapped Facebook Group and you’ll find even more creative ways parents use this amazing mat!

And don’t forget Lil Helper makes a mini version as well! The Lifesaver Mini is the perfect mat for change tables or on the go and you can grab one mat in each size!

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