Sick of Single Use Plastic & Clutter? Here’s the Waste Free Cure

I’m Amanda, a proud Lil Helper ambassador. These bags are the organization solution you’ve been looking for, especially if you’re ready to ditch the Ziplocs and go waste free. There are a few different types. Combo bags, Bite Bags, and small zippered wet bags. Read on for ten fun uses for these great products!

1. Journaling Supplies

Photo By: Brittany K. Combo Bag.

It’s the beginning of a new year and we all went out and bought those fancy planners and journals to plan out our lives this year. These combo zipper bags are more than just reusable snack bags. They are excellent for storing all of the stickers, markers, pens and stencils you bought on Etsy in a rush to “get ourselves organized”! And cute prints to really show off our new found hobby.

2. Waste Free Hypatia Pads (and other fun bathroom necessities!)

Photo By: Katie P.

Of course the combo bags were designed in conjunction with the release of LH Hypatia Menstrual Pads, so it only makes sense that they make the list of things you can use the bags for. If you aren’t a Hyps user (we won’t hold it against you, we promise!) you can also use these lovely bags for any of your bathroom essentials. They are lined with the same water resistant PUL that many other LH products use, making them great for things that are wet, soggy or, dare I say it, moist.

3. Secret-not-to-be-shared Snacks

You know. The snacks you want to eat in secret, in the closet, out of earshot of the kids (or pets!). Yes, those snacks. Since the Bite Bags come in a few different sizes you can choose how big (or small) of a snack you sneak off to consume. Unlike disposable bags, these reusable snack bags feature fun designs, so your secret is safe inside.

4. First Aid Kit

My family has one current bandaid addict. She prefers cute bandaids that fall off 5 min after you apply them. So we go through a lot. I always have a small first aid kit tucked in our go bag for legit cuts, scrapes and boo-boos and the occasional replacement magical bandaid. The combo bag or the big bite bags are great for this use.

5. Accessories for your kids

Photo By: Amanda U.

Seriously, kids have so many things you have to pack with them on outings. What better use than small, zippered bags with fun prints to keep everything in check? From spoons, sippy cups, bibs (check out our Biggie Bibs here), wash cloths (and our T-Shirt wipes), and anything else you can imagine, these bags hold it all. And with the snaps on either end they can hook together so you don’t lose them as easily.

6. Ditch the Ziplocs: Waste Free Storage for Small Pieces

Photo By: Erica C.

Kids’ toys and activities always have tons of pieces. They might actually be designed for us parents to spend all our waking time finding the ONE LOST PIECE. The zippered bags with bright prints and colors make it just a little bit easier for those small pieces to stay relatively close together. Goodbye plastic baggies, hello reusable snack bags!

7. Coloring Supplies

Photo By: Erica C.

On the go coloring supplies. Chalk for the park. Markers for the car. Crayons for grandma’s house. All are valid uses of the snack bags. Plus with the PUL inner layer, cleaning up is easy as tossing them in the wash.


Photo By: Katie F.

All of us women have this same problem in life. The lack of pockets. Or pockets that won’t even fit a measurable bit of lint. Seriously infuriating at times. Thankfully LH put snaps on the sides of the snack bags so we can increase our pocket capacity fairly easily. Genius!

9. Treasure Bag

It is not gold coins usually, but kids do have a way of collecting things while they are on adventures. An easy thing to do with a snack bag is to let your child put their favorite items from their latest expedition inside for safe keeping. That way you don’t end up finding a dead frog in a pocket 3 weeks later. (Not that anyone here has had that happen…)

10. Pack those Snacks, Waste Free - Obviously

Photo By: Katie F.

Parents of children know they will eat snacks any given Sunday. With three sizes of reusable snack bags, the options for mobile food are endless. Carrots, cookies, granola bars, food pouches, etc. There is definitely one that will meet your needs. Not to mention the coordinating sets can let your kids each show off their personalities.

Whew, you made it! Do you have a favorite way to use the Bite Bags that was not listed here? Share below in the comments!

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