Shopping for a Stroller? These are the Top 3 Must-Have Features

We’re going to keep it real with you - the stroller category is insane, overwhelming, over saturated, endless, gigantic, a lot. Between online reviews, the different stroller types & the never-ending list of features, it can feel like a daunting task understanding how to choose a stroller that’s right for you. Let us demystify it a bit for you:

  • On average, parents will own at least 2 strollers & in most cases more than 2
  • Your first stroller will be some type of travel system (either a build your own, or all-in-one)
  • Your second stroller will most likely be a lightweight or umbrella stroller for every day outings

Regardless of if you’re shopping for your baby’s first set of wheels or you’ve got a little experience under your belt, here’s what to look for in a stroller.

Stroller Feature #1: The Fold!

In the words of the amazing Meghan Trainor, it’s all about that bass - but in this case, bass = fold. This is one of the top features when considering what to look for in a stroller. Having a lightweight stroller that is easy to fold & unfold is a lifesaver (& sanity saver), here’s why: Imagine being in the middle of the parking lot, all your groceries are loaded into the car, your baby is in their car seat hungry & crying and you’re stuck outside trying to get your dang stroller to fold...a recipe for disaster.

A stroller with an easy to use 1-hand fold (& unfold) is a gamechanger - this will essentially give you an extra hand when you’re on-the-go. Let’s be honest, what parent can’t use an extra hand when out and about?

Feature #2: All. The. Storage.

Babies have a lot of stuff and so do you - making sure your stroller has ample storage space is a must.

  • Big Basket: You will want to make sure there is a big basket for your diaper bag (safety tip: it’s not recommended to hang anything on the handlebars of most strollers due to tip hazard)
  • Parent Storage Pocket: To keep your keys, chapstick, cell phone and other essentials close by
  • Cup Holder: Some companies include this, some make you purchase it as an accessory - but it’s totally worth it for your wine, water, coffee or favorite bev
  • Child Snack Tray or Snack Pocket: It’s great to be able to give your little one their beverage of choice, some snack foods or toy to play with. If you’re worried about them making a mess in the seat, spilling or blowouts, check out the Lil Helper Lifesaver Mat to help protect your seat (also doubles as a cozy blanket & wind-proof stroller cover!)
The Lifesaver Mat offers water proof, spill proof, cozy warm protection.

Stroller Feature #3: Ease-Of-Use

A list within a list, very inception-y of us, but we put this at #3 because it’s really subjective to what you need and want in a stroller. Here are our top “ease-of-use” features to consider when purchasing a stroller:


You want to make sure your stroller is not only light enough to push (even when it’s loaded up), but light enough to lift, carry & unfold. A good set of wheels will help it push easier - therefore making it feel lighter - but wheels won’t do a darn thing for the overall weight. If you load your stroller into the car often, live in an apartment and have to carry it up stairs or travel often - lightweight is a must!

Nice set of wheels

A wheel-y good set of wheels will make a world of difference. Bad dad jokes aside, check to make sure the wheels have a smooth ride, steer easily & push effortlessly. There is nothing worse than “The-Bad-Shopping-Cart-Wheel” after only using your stroller for a few months. Things to look for: sealed ball bearings, all wheel suspension, never flat tires with a good grip.

XXL Canopy

To protect your little one from the sun or give them a shaded place to nap. Bonus point if the canopy has a peek window so you can check on them!

Simple & Easy Fold

As we mentioned, the fold is a must - if you can’t make it work in the store, it’s not the right one for you

Lastly, Baby Friendly Features

Does the seat recline enough? Is the fabric easy to wipe clean (or spot clean)? Does the foot rest adjust so they can kick their little feet up?

Every parents’ needs are different - but after years of competitive research, consumer research & focus groups - these features are consistently the most requested when it comes to how you choose a stroller. If you’re looking for a high quality lightweight travel stroller, check out the Bēbee Lightweight Stroller from Bombi - it checks all the boxes! Remember, only you know what’s best for you and your baby! If we missed something, leave it in the comments to help out other parents!

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