New Parent Essential: The Only Change Mat You’ll Ever Need

New parent and looking for the best change mat? Not sure what to look for? This week we are thrilled to host Emily, who shares her take on the best change mat you can find as a first-time mom.

I grew up in a small town in southern Ontario and moved to Kitchener for culinary school. I am a Chef and baker by trade and now I am also the mom of an adorable 5-month-old boy and two lovely dogs. I am currently on maternity leave and loving every minute of it.

Always be prepared - packing a change mat

In the culinary industry we have a term known as “mise en place”. It means “everything in its place” and ready when you need it. As a first-time mom, whenever I leave the house, I make sure to pack EVERYTHING we could possibly need. Whether it is a rain cover for our stroller on a sunny day or alternatively, a blanket on a warm day. I must be prepared! Once I started using the Lifesaver Mat, my diaper bag got so much lighter. It is such a game changer.

The Lifesaver Mat - an easy upgrade

I started out with a cheaper, similar style of change mat from Amazon. They had fabric on one side and were plastic and waterproof on the other. I had been gifted one Lifesaver Mini (which I was using in my change mat rotation) and its’ quality stood out immediately. The mats from Amazon were so thin and anything but soft, while our Lifesaver mat is the complete opposite, it can even be used as a blanket!

The Amazon mats lasted about three washes before they started to deteriorate which was about a week into having a newborn. The plastic went wonky even though they were hung to dry. The material faded, got tattered and one even lost its loop for hanging. My lonely Lifesaver Mat stood strong and as soft as the day I got it. I quickly realized that it was not just a “cute” change mat, it is so much more. It is built with such outstanding quality and care, AND it just so happens to be adorable.

Within a few weeks I replaced my stash with a mix of mini and original Lifesaver mats. I had a such a great time picking out what prints I wanted! They are all so cute, so it was hard to choose. I ended up loving Lil Helper so much that I took the leap and invested in their cloth diapers as well. We use our Lifesaver mats every day while our Amazon mats sit in storage. There is no going back.

The Swiss Army Knife of Change Mats

We are only five months into my sons’ life and we already use these mats for everything! Water play, blankets, change mats, diaper free time; we always have one within reach. I have even used one to wrap around my son and I while we run to our car in the rain. My sons first laugh, his first time rolling over and his first time sitting up all happened on one of these mats. They are a part of so many memories already. I can’t wait to continue to find more uses for these glorious mats as my son grows. I love my Lil Helper Lifesaver mats!

Author - Emily Schlieper-Thorpe

30 years old; First time mom; Ontario, Canada

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