Lil Helper Canadian Holiday Gift Guide -Shop for everyone on your list!

Shopping tends to be something people either love or hate. But even those who feel most alive when browsing the aisles and bargain hunting usually have that ONE person to shop for on their gift-giving list who makes them scratch their head.

Lucky for you, we can help. You can shop for anyone on your list using Lil Helper products!

Even though this list started out as a Holiday Shopping guide, you can use these ideas for  any gift giving occasion!

The Ultimate Lil Helper Shopping Guide:

Swim Diaper

I’m not sure how your parent group operates, but there aren’t many Cloth Diaper users within mine. However, many of my friends and loved ones have been receptive to the idea of using a cloth swim diaper (fun fact these are my go-to 1st birthday gifts for littles!)

Our swim diaper has adjustable snap settings on the waist and rise, that will allow it to fit your little one from 10-40lbs. They’re made of a swim suit material that will contain all that solid stuff you DON’T want ruining your time at the pool.

Shop our swim diapers HERE

Breast Pads

If you’re looking for that staple gift at a baby shower, look no further. Our Lil Helper breast pads are a fab gift for a new mom.

Shop Breast Pads HERE

Why they’re amazing:
Contoured pads make for a better fit and the stay dry material not only keeps you dry but doesn’t stick! Sore and battered boobs will appreciate this, and so will the new mama on your list!

Don’t forget about our Overnight Breast pads, which have the same perfect fit contour and stay dry layer but with double the absorbency to keep you dry in the night.
Bonus! Cute prints!

Shop Overnight Breast Pads HERE

Cloth Wipes

Lil Helper Cloth Wipes would make the perfect gift for….well anyone. These wipes are incredibly soft and versatile!

A newlywed couple could use them with a monogram of their new name. Make up masters would be able to use these as a make up remover tool.

These are a great practical gift for anyone on your list to use!

Choose from:
Our double sided Bamboo Wipes

Shop Bamboo Wipes HERE

or our incredible T-Shirt Wipes

Comes in a 10 pack! Shop T-Shirt Wipes HERE

or the softest and most luxurious wash cloths ever - Boofas.

Shop Boofas HERE

Large WetBag

If you’re wondering what the ideal gift is for the student about to head off to college, check this out!

Shop Large WetBags HERE

Laundry is a task generally left for the very last minute. Which means that when you have to carry it to the laundromat (or back home) you’re going to need a sturdy portable option.

Our large wetbags are perfect! They can stuff all their dirty clothes, towels, and linens inside one of these bad boys, and then pull the drawstring to close it off.
Waterproof PUL means even the wettest items won’t leak!

The bags can also be thrown in with the wash so that they’re bringing home a fresh pile of laundry in a clean bag.

We also know a few healthcare workers who love these bags for transporting spoiled scrubs back and forth from work. So if you have one of those superheroes on your list, this would make a great gift for them too.

Bite Bags

Do you have an organization junkie on your gift list? They will LOVE these bags. They’re made of food grade PUL so they’re ideal for snacks, but they are PERFECT for organizing!

Drawers, your car, backpacks, and purses! These bags will hold it all! They have handy snap loops that are modular so you can snap all your bags into a system.

2 sizes! Big Bite bags 8x8” Small Bite bags 8x4”

Shop Bite Bags HERE

Buy a bundle of these and get one for everyone on your list!

Bonus: The environment will thank you just ask much as the person who receives them!

Biggie Bib

Obviously, this gift would be excellent for a new eater or serious drooler! This reversible bib has a waterproof PUL side and a soft and absorbent bamboo side and features adjustable snaps fit babies to toddlers to adults should the need arise! (true story if you’ve ever seen me on wing night)

Shop Biggie Bibs HERE


A smock. With a pocket!

An amazing gift for babies who are baby led weaning but you could also give this as a gift for kiddos who are engaging in any kind of messy fun! (If you’ve ever made cookies with a toddler you know what I mean)

Shop Smockets HERE

Bundle this gift with a make your own cookie kit and and you’re good to go!

Or pair the Smocket with some inexpensive craft supplies and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Shop Smockets HERE

Dry/Wet Bag

Your active loved ones can sometimes be tricky to buy for. They’re off on adventures, playing sports or working up a sweat at the gym.

Our Dry/Wet Bags are the greatest option for them. They can bring a change of dry clothes with them in bag. Then, whenever they’re ready to change out of clothes wet from water, snow or sweat, this bag will keep everything else around it dry.

Shop Dry/Wet bags HERE

Know someone who loves the water? This is also the perfect beach bag!

Perfect wet bag for the avid snorkler!

Lifesaver Mats

Why are they called lifesavers? Ask any parent who has used them. They’ll tell you. They were made to be change mats and used for So. Much. More.

The Lifesaver has a waterproof PUL side and a super soft and absorbent charcoal side. Use them for change mats, play mats and picnic mats. They’ve been used as blankets, make shift towels, car seat covers and seat protectors. Want to see more uses in action? Check out this video HERE!

Comes in 3 sizes!

Lifesaver Mini - 18x22”

Lifesaver Original - 34x36”

Lifesaver XL - 57x40”

Compare our Lifesaver Mini, Lifesaver Regular and Lifesaver XL

Zipper Wetbags

These make wonderful lunch bags. They’re designed to be waterproof with the same PUL used on our cloth diapers.

Shop Zipper Wet Bags HERE

They also have a snap loop handle. This is perfect for clipping onto a backpack or the back of your stroller!

These work for anyone on your list who could use a new lunch bag or waterproof bag for travel.

Moasis Towels

Are you the person who prefers to give practical gifts over toys and just more ‘stuff’?

You’re in luck! The Moasis towels are ideal! These 30x60” towels are compact (roll up to be the size of a soda can) and super absorbent.
They’ll absorb 5x their weight in water and still dry super quickly!
Bonus feature - a handy, dandy hidden zippered pocket!

Pair this towel with a couple of swim passes and even the teens in your life will get their heads out of their phones and say ‘thanks!’

Shop Moasis towels HERE


Have a new mom to shop for? The joys of postpartum include a bit more than just a new baby to snuggle. Unfortunately it includes the need for absorbent pads and a peri-bottle.

Give the new mom in your life the luxury of Hyps re-usable pads!

Shop Hypatia Pads HERE

Comes in 3 sizes Liners, Regular, and Heavy/Postpartum.

Absorbent layers paired with waterproof PUL and a stay-dry-won’t-stick liner.

Easy to use. Easier to wash. Shop Hypatia Pads HERE

SleepSaver Crib Sheet

New parents on your list will appreciate this gift above all others.
Why? Because it really will save their sleep.

The SleepSaver is aptly named because it is a crib sheet and mattress protector in one.

The luxuriously soft minky top will have babies nuzzling it, and the absorbent middle and waterproof PUL layer will stop nighttime leaks from ruining the mattress.

Bandana Bibs

Kiddos look more precious than I can put into words wearing the Lil Helper Bandana Bibs. But you wouldn’t want to forget about your furry friends during the gift giving occasions. Therefore, it is impossible to leave them off the Lil Helper Shopping Guide.

Shop Bandana Bibs HERE

These bibs make an adorable accessory for your cats or dogs!

I hope this Lil Helper Shopping Guide is helpful for you as you try and buy for everyone on your list!

What are some creative ways that you’ve used Lil Helper products?
Who are you buying for that we missed?