How to Create the Perfect Laundry Room

Laundry is the never-ending chore that everyone loves to hate. Add in kids (aka laundry factories) and cloth diapers and it can be a real source of dread. Time to wash 2 loads? 30 minutes - 2 hours. Time to sort, fold, and put away? 7-10 business days. If you’re avoiding your laundry room, here are three tips to make the chore more enjoyable.

1. Make a Laundry Room System that works

Once while on paternity leave, my husband washed two loads OF CLEAN LAUNDRY. He saw a hamper in the hallway and (bless his heart) took the initiative, assuming it was waiting to be washed, not put away. In my sleep deprived state, this filled me with rage cause it felt like such a waste of time and energy. We needed a better system.

Large wetbags are the ultimate in laundry moving and sorting. Image credit: Alexandra G.

Whether it’s as simple as hampers at the top of the stairs need to be put away and hampers downstairs need to be washed, or fancy color coded baskets or bags (the large drawstring wetbags are my favorite kids hampers ever), there has to be a system in place. The greatest addition to our laundry room for me is a large, flat space. In my dream world I’ll have custom shelves and counters in my laundry room, but for now, it is that we moved the deep freezer down stairs. We save space, and I have a big surface for sorting and folding the endless loads.

And don’t forget to avoid laundry disaster and get delicates and those tiny baby socks into a mesh laundry bag ASAP. I keep one hanging in every bedroom to be as organized as I can be. And check out this hack for washing those wetbags.

2. Make Your Laundry Room Fun

Add some Bluetooth speakers, bright curtains, and fun décor. Make your laundry room not only a place that is functional for your family but enjoyable to be in. Even better if you can make it a place your kids want to be. Including kids in household chores is great for building their confidence and so many other skills.

Distract yourself from the endless folding of clothes & towels & mats with cute decor. Image credit: Becca N.

3. Take it Outside as Much as Possible

One of my favorite parts of our warmer months is getting to hang our clothes on the line. Not only do I enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, but I find my kids play more independently when they can see I’m busy with a task. Plus, I find that I am more likely to fold and sort and put away immediately when I have the added deadline of sunset to get clothes off the line and in the house!

Added bonus, the sun is the worst enemy to stubborn stains.

Image Credit: Brooke B.

Don’t have the space for a full and permanent line? There are great portable rack options for hang drying inside and out, as well as handy retractable lines that give you hanging space when you need it and easily tuck out of sight when not in use.

Whether getting through the laundry is just one more thing on your to do list or some coveted quiet time, I guarantee it will be more enjoyable if you make the space your own, instead of just a place where lost socks and stains go to die.

What is your favorite feature in your laundry room? What is on your wish list? Tell us in the comments!

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