Diaper Rash Be Gone! Meet Our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners

If you're a parent who uses cloth diapers, you know that diaper rash can be a real pain. But fear not, because Lil Helper has the perfect solution for you - our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners!

But fun fact! Did you know that they were inspired by cyclists? It’s true! Check out this video where Uncle Mo explains how he came up with the idea.

How Do Bamboo Stay Dry Liners Help with Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is a common concern among parents, and it can be especially challenging when using cloth diapers. While our signature charcoal material in our diapers does help prevent diaper rash, rashes still can happen. That's where our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners come in handy. These liners provide a protective barrier between your baby's sensitive skin and the moisture in the diaper, helping to prevent and alleviate diaper rash.

The bamboo material used in these liners is incredibly soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. It wicks away moisture quickly, and evenly disperses it across the diaper, keeping your little one dry and comfortable throughout the day. This helps to reduce the chances of developing diaper rash, and can help them heal if they do occur.

Want to know more about what they are made out of? Check out this video where Mohammed explains!

Protecting Your Diapers When Using Diaper Rash Cream

We understand that sometimes diaper rash cream is necessary to treat your baby's irritated skin. However, traditional creams can leave stains on cloth diapers, and deposit oils, making them less effective over time. But with our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners, you don't have to worry about this issue anymore!

Simply place a liner on top of your cloth diaper before applying the cream. The liner acts as a protective barrier, preventing any residue from reaching the fabric of the diaper. This ensures that your diapers stay clean and stain-free while still providing relief for your little one.

Using & Cleaning Bamboo Stay Dry Liners

Remember, always use your BSDL with the dark side up, against babies skin.

Cleaning our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners is a breeze! Here's how you can do it:

  1. Remove the liner from the diaper.
  2. Shake off or spray any solid waste into the toilet. Be sure to give a good rinse if you use creams as well, so they don’t affect your diapers in the wash.
  3. Toss it into your regular laundry load (preferably with other cloth diapers) and wash as usual. We do recommend you wash it inside a mesh laundry bag, as they are thin and small and can get lost in your agitator.
  4. Hang or lay flat to dry.

It's as simple as that! By following these steps, you can keep your Bamboo Stay Dry Liners clean and ready to use again.

Easier Diaper Changes with Lil Helper Bamboo Stay Dry Liners

Dealing with poopy cloth diapers is never fun, but our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners make the process a whole lot easier. When it's time for a diaper change, all you need to do is remove the liner along with any solid waste, leaving the rest of the diaper relatively clean. This means less scrubbing and soaking for you!

Say goodbye to messy diaper changes and hello to convenience with Lil Helper Bamboo Stay Dry Liners.

So why wait? Try out our Bamboo Stay Dry Liners today and say goodbye to diaper rash woes! Your baby will thank you for it.

Looking for added convenience? We’ve got a disposable option for you as well!