Can I Cloth Diaper Part Time?

The journey of parenting is filled with decisions, and one that often comes up is the choice between whether to cloth diaper or use disposables. Many parents might not realize that cloth diapering doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. It's entirely feasible to use cloth diapers part-time, combining the benefits of both reusables and disposables in a way that suits your family's lifestyle, budget, and environmental concerns. Whether you're considering cloth diapering just at home, during awake hours, or as a complement to disposables when traveling or with caregivers, this guide will explore how you can make part-time cloth diapering work for you.

Embracing Flexibility When Choosing to Cloth Diaper

Finding What Works for Your Family

The beauty of part-time cloth diapering lies in its flexibility. You might choose to use cloth diapers only when at home because it’s easier to manage washing and changing without the hustle and bustle of being out. Alternatively, using them only during awake hours can reduce the need for nighttime changes. The key is to find a rhythm that aligns with your daily life without feeling overwhelmed.

Using Liners for Ease

Incorporating products like Lil Helper's disposable liners (Lil Shiiits) into your routine can simplify the transition between cloth and disposable diapers. These liners capture solids, making clean-up easier and preserving the longevity of your cloth diapers by preventing stains.

Maximizing Savings and Environmental Impact

The Power of One Cloth Diaper a Day

You might wonder if part-time cloth diapering genuinely makes a difference. Consider this: by using just one cloth diaper a day over two years, you could save hundreds of disposable diapers from ending up in landfills. Given that the average child uses thousands of disposable diapers before potty training, even small reductions in usage can have significant environmental benefits.

Cost-Effectiveness Over Time

While there's an upfront cost associated with purchasing cloth diapers, they are more cost-effective over time compared to disposables. Part-time use still offers considerable savings, especially if you plan on using them for multiple children or reselling them later.

Starting Your Part-Time Cloth Diaper Journey

Trial Deals and Day Packs

For those curious about part-time cloth diapering but unsure where to start, Lil Helper offers trial diaper deals and day packs designed to ease new parents into the process. These packages provide everything needed to begin experimenting with cloth diapers without committing to a full stash immediately - Bonus: they come with discounts!

What’s Included?

Our trial diaper deal gives you one cloth diaper (including the inserts) at 50% off. This is for first time customers to get their hands on a cloth diaper and really see what it’s like before committing the time and funds of a proper stash.

Our Day Packs are exactly what they sound like: enough cloth diapers + inserts to cloth diaper for one full day. A great place to launch your stash from if ready to dip your toe in part time. Bonus: You also get to choose some awesome add on accessories like wetbags and liners to make your life easier at a discounted rate!

Cloth Diaper Benefits Beyond Savings

Choosing reusable options like swim diapers over disposables is not only eco-friendly but also introduces your family to sustainable practices early on. Moreover, many parents find that cloth diapers offer better breathability, fewer chemicals against their baby's skin, and reduced instances of diaper rash compared to disposables.


Yes, you can absolutely cloth diaper part time! It’s a flexible approach that allows families to enjoy the benefits of both reusable and disposable diapers while reducing their environmental impact and saving money in the long run. By starting small—whether it’s using one cloth diaper a day or opting for reusables at home—you’re taking meaningful steps towards sustainability without overwhelming yourself or your budget. Remember: every little bit helps when it comes to making eco-friendly choices for your family.