5 Fantastic Burp Cloth Uses After the Baby Stage

So you discovered the Lil Helper burp cloth, the best there is. PUL on one side and absorbent on the other, these beauties are also a unique shape to both cover surface area and sit comfortably on your shoulder. As someone who loves my kids but despises being spit up on, I love these. But like so many baby products, what do you do with them when you are through the baby stage?

Photo Credit: Cheyenne N.

It was actually my husband who fell in love with these cloths and could probably come up with a million uses for them. Read on for my top five favorite uses for Lil Helper burp cloths.

Car & Screen Cleaning

The bamboo terry on burp cloths is perfect for giving screens and chrome a shine without the smudge. The compact and slim size makes it easy to store them in the glove box or tucked in by the tv, and I love having a mat handy for coffee spills both in my living room and in my cupholders!

Bath Splash Catcher

While Lifesaver Mats and towels are great for tub time, now that we are also past the infant tub stage, I find I need less of a splash zone and more of a drip catcher. My kids love lining up their toys on the edge of the tub and knocking them over. Burp Cloths are perfect for catching all the spills but not taking up as much storage space as a full mat or towel! The are also great for laying out freshly cleaned bath toys to get a proper air dry.

Baby Burp Cloth to Grown-Up Bar Cloth

I know not everyone has a spouse with a craft beer obsession big enough to need a basement bar, but this is the first thing my husband wanted to use the burp cloths for when we got them! Maybe its for your coffee corner or wine nook, but these mats are perfect for having on hand wherever you store and prep your favorite beverage. Stop rings on surfaces, quickly mop up spills, and match your print to your collection. Food Trucks for the smoothie bar and Caberneigh for the wine cooler anyone?

Garden Mat

I definitely don’t have a green thumb, but I do love experimenting and learning with my kids in the garden! The burp cloth/garden mat helps keep my toddler organized, she knows to put her tools back on the mat. We seed start indoors on a burp cloth for proper drainage without a big mess, and organize our tools and wipe our hands with these cloths once we have transferred the plants outside!

Burp Cloth turned Kids Lovey

Photo Credit: Jocelyn P.

And last but not least, here is one use I didn’t expect. After so many hours in the newborn stage, eating and burping and maybe even nap-trap snoozing on these burp cloths, its no surprise your kiddo might become attached to them. My one year old loves to rub the two textures against her cheek, and its nice to have something that is both beautiful and associated with comfort to carry around. Before these burp cloths, we just used receiving blankets from the hospital for those baby burping snuggles. But my youngest loves these burp cloths and if she claims it as her comfort item for a while, its definitely nicer to carry these compact little beauties around than a giant, worn, white, blanket.

Photo Credit: Katie P.

Is there anything you have sitting around after the baby stage wondering what to do with? Do you have your own upcycle or repurpose tips? Share them in the comments here!

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