How to Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution

The hardest part isn’t coming up with a New Year’s resolution, it’s sticking to them so I’m here to help you out!

Before we get started let’s take a moment to appreciate the old you. You made it through all of 2022! The old you survived so much this year and you deserve a toast! The old you is amazing! Give yourself a big ol’ hug for making it through all the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Still, we are our biggest critics. We always find things we want to change or tweak just a little. Let me give you some strategies for accomplishing all your goals this year.

Your New Year’s Resolution Should Start Small.

The biggest mistake people make is setting goals or a New Year’s resolution that are way too big so when they start to falter, they give up. If you set smaller goals, they are easier to reach and will inspire you to continue to continue to work towards achieving more of your other goals.

Example: want to compete in a marathon this year? Start with getting yourself to run a mile every day and slowly increase to two miles and so on and so forth! Set smaller goals, they are easier to reach and will inspire you to continue to continue to work towards achieving more of your other goals.

When You Need It, Ask For Help

Do you feel yourself slipping and don’t know how to get back on track? Ask for help! We all need a little support when accomplishing our goals.

Example: you wanted to switch to more reusable, eco-friendly options, but you’ve fallen behind on laundry. Ask a friend to come over and help prep your cloth diapers or rinse out your Bite Bags! Sometimes we just need a little lift up to get back on track.

Don’t Stress Too Much About Your New Year’s Resolution

Did you slip? It’s all good. Don’t stress about it. Instead, focus on what you will do differently next time, and continue trying to reach your goals!

Example: your New Year’s resolution was to declutter but you accidentally bought more stuff and now feel like you’re going to live covered in your things? Don’t stress. You got this. Find a room to begin in and make sure you take something out every time you bring another thing in.

Have an Accountability Buddy

This is my favorite one which is why I saved it for last even though it’s slightly similar to “ask for help.” An accountability buddy is someone who is trying for the same goals as you and can check on you to make sure you are still on track.

Example: you wanted to get in shape but don’t feel like going to the gym? Get a gym buddy who is also trying to get in shape to keep you motivated and drag you to the gym if necessary!

Now go on and accomplish all your goals for 2023! What are some strategies you have used for sticking to goals in the past? What are all goals you hope to accomplish this year?

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