HyPs Heavy - Trial

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Love the products

Hi Sarah!
I am jumping for joy that you could use our trial to fall in love with our products! We put a lot of care and thought into our designs and hope they help all kinds of folks.
Thanks for choosing Lil Helper and please do reach out to us at delight@lilhelper.ca if you ever need anything.
Big smiles,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper


Amazingly comfortable compared to the disposable ones I have. It absorbs very well and nothing bled through.
I don't think I'm a heavy bleeder compared to others but I prefer having the longer pad on the heavier days.

Hi Fen,
We are so grateful to you for sharing your experience with our HyPs and your flow. It is awesome to hear that we can give you some comfort and peace of mind. And even better that we can offer an eco-friendly solution you love compared to disposables.
Thank you for giving us a try!
Caitlin @ Lil Helper


This is an excellent product, they are comfortable, very effective and easy to wash. I find them easier to wash out then my period panties. I really love Lil Helper as a company and have been very happy with all of their products that I have tried

So glad that you are finding the switch to HyPs easy - thank you for giving Lil Helper a try!

Worth the try! (period talk ahead)

I have wanted to try these ever since discovering the owner on Tik Tok in 2021 when they launched their cloth pads. When they said they had a trial I jumped. I am plus sized (358lbs) and have PCOS with EXTREMELY heavy cycles. I just used this pad for the first time and not only am I left feeling cleaner than a normal pad, it is more eco friendly, it handled my heaviest day of my cycle like it was nothing. I did have some "run off" towards the back of the pad - but I think my flow was just more than this pad was designed for this day) and it wasn't bad. I will ABSOLUTELY be ordering more in other styles (especially the longer pad.) The only thing I think could be better is if there were designs that take into account that plus size people need wider/longer pads often times. Other than that - they are GREAT.

Thank you so much for giving Lil Helper a try! We LOVE this kind of feedback, it helps so much and we wouldn't be able to do what we do without it, so thank you for taking the time! This kind of feedback is exactly what led us to creating our HyPs Max - and we will keep designing and creating more solutions with helpful reviews like this. Thank you! So glad you are enjoying the stay dry feeling of our reusable pads :)

Stephanie Rizk
Perfect for the teen who hates everything else out there

My kiddo loathes every typical type of period product out there including the period under wear because it leaks. We tried these and she went out of her way to tell me to order enough for a week because she says she is never using anything else ever again. Simply brilliant product, we’ll be telling everyone about these.

WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your/your kiddo's experience! It is awesome to know that we have helped make her week a little better!

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